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Precision Poultry

AGL employs its data science prowess and industry knowledge to derive solutions that fully immerse the poultry industry into the digital age to control the unseen deviations that limit maximized productivity. Our Precision Poultry solution acts as the vigilant eyes and ears of an Expert Veterinarian and Operations Manager, monitoring your operations around the clock, every day of the year, while our team of industry experts ensures that insights are returned as capital and continuously drive finding innovative solutions to production challenges.

Fortify and Enhance Every Flock with Precision Poultry

How it Works

Customer Captured Value from Precision Poultry

Growers experience many challenges. Your ability to identify optimizations and issues and act timely provides the advantage!

Technology that Delivers Insights and Results

Grow-out Cockpit

Analytics Hub

AGL’s Analytics Hub provides the cockpit view into the results from advanced analytics of flock grow-out cycles uncovering operational, health and welfare insights.

Mobile Monitoring

AGL’s Mobile App provides the 24x7x365 access to grow-out flock views and alerts.

Sight and Sound Surveillance

AGL’s Camera and Microphone systems are field-ready to handle the rugged conditions of commercial poultry houses. Our plug-and-play hardware is up and running with very little modifications needed to the environment.  

Complete Data Integration

AGL platform automates integration of all available data streams ranging from additional sensors to monitor (Ammonia/RH/CO2/temp) to house controller systems (water/feed/ventilation/lights) to production records.

Join the Journey!

Embark on an adventure with us at AGL Technology. As we grow and innovate, we’re committed to making a tangible difference in animal agriculture. Join us, share in our spirit of adventure, and be a part of the transformative journey shaping farming’s future.

Precision Poultry

Evolve your poultry production system with optimization and real-time insights!

Ecosystem Partners

Deliver Precision Animal to your Customers built on our Precision Farming Platform.