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Innovation with Ecosystem Partners

Wanted: Innovative Partners!

AGL is seeking partners to support industry innovation in:

  1. Animal welfare (animal comfort auditing)
  2. Sustainability – development of carbon offset tracking in animal grow-outs
  3. Understand the impact and optimization of products (health, nutrition, lighting, temperature, ammonia, ventilation and more)
  4. Further development of Precision Farming tools
  5. Bring us your innovation concept!

Unlock the Potential of Poultry Precision Farming for Your Customer

Starter Program for Ecosystem Partners

The AGL Precision Farming Intelligence Program Starter Program offers a groundbreaking approach to poultry farming, combining the latest in technology with expert insights to transform the way farms and their integrators operate. With a focus on animal health, welfare, operational efficiency, and sustainability the PFIP Starter Program is the gateway to a more productive and sustainable future in agriculture.

Innovate with AGL

Leverage our Proven Precision Farming Intelligence Platform

AGL’s core Precision Farming Intelligence Platform (PFIP) has been under proven commercial animal production cycles for: commercial broilers, boiler pullets / breeders, commercial turkeys. This system has collected animal production data covering over 750k birds over a three year period — the PFIP is a hardened software / hardware solution!

This hardened system collects camera and microphone data 24x7x365 with the ability to deliver edge or cloud-based insights. The AGL PFIP Platform provides the quick start framework for entering Precision Animal spaces (e.g. swine, dairy, beef).

Opportunity Innovation Areas

Discover the top features that make our product unique and powerful.

Poultry Extensions



Swine is our logical next target


Bring your innovation!


Bring your innovation!

Join the Journey!

Embark on an adventure with us at AGL Technology. As we grow and innovate, we’re committed to making a tangible difference in animal agriculture. Join us, share in our spirit of adventure, and be a part of the transformative journey shaping farming’s future.

Precision Poultry

Evolve your poultry production system with optimization and real-time insights!

Ecosystem Partners

Deliver Precision Animal to your Customers built on our Precision Farming Platform.