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Invest in Innovation and Proven Success at AGL!

Proven Team

AGL is a team of Animal Health, Nutrition and Production professionals who have a proven track record in the animal sector. Our leadership team has a history of creating value through initiating, managing, and successfully exiting animal technology ventures. Our transactions include marquee industry names:

AGL Success and Traction

Global Genetics Company Collaboration

 Successfully operating with a leading company, proving its efficacy with pathway to broad adoption.

Large Scale Grower Implementation

Demonstrating tangible benefits in large-scale operations with pathway to broad adoption.

Don’t have Shark Tank Regret!

Shark Tank experienced deep investor’s remorse when they passed on Ring Doorbell early-stage investment when sold 5 years later to Amazon for $1B.  
Ring’s innovation platform has delivered insights to homeowners that they have learned that they cannot live without.
AGL is delivering equivalent camera insights functionality to the $$BB global animal production sector.  We are delivering actionable Insights and optimization that generate real value in the food production supply chain.
AGL’s Platform has multiple paths for further upside value creation:
1)  expansion into swine, dairy and beef
2)  expansion into global market
3)  automated animal welfare scoring
4)  sustainability / carbon offset collection
Don’t create yourself a shark regret opportunity!  Join us @ AGL – Extraordinary Animal Technology! 

Join the Journey!

Embark on an adventure with us at AGL Technology. As we grow and innovate, we’re committed to making a tangible difference in animal agriculture. Join us, share in our spirit of adventure, and be a part of the transformative journey shaping farming’s future.

Precision Poultry

Evolve your poultry production system with optimization and real-time insights!

Ecosystem Partners

Deliver Precision Animal to your Customers built on our Precision Farming Platform.