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Revolutionizing animal agriculture with our industry expert derived and AI-driven Precision Farming Intelligence Platform™ for a more efficient and sustainable future.

Our Precision Farming Intelligence Platform opens opportunities to ensure maximum productivity and control costs through round-the-clock environmental monitoring and universal capture of data streams that influence health, welfare, and productivity.

From Home Security to Precision Farming Innovation

Ring’s video doorbell and advanced security via camera, microphone, and IoT technology, offers homeowners convenience and peace of mind by allowing 24/7 activity monitoring. Home surveillance technology has become a must have for millions of homeowners.

Similarly, AGL’s precision farming technology is tailored for the animal agriculture sector, employing sound/vision insights and sensors to optimize and surveil over animal production environments. Our system provides 24/7 real-time insights to Farmers and Integrators, enhancing animal productivity, health, welfare and sustainability. Our animal production surveillance product will become a must have for the global animal production sector.

Industry Communications

Join the Journey!

Embark on an adventure with us at AGL Technology. As we grow and innovate, we’re committed to making a tangible difference in animal agriculture. Join us, share in our spirit of adventure, and be a part of the transformative journey shaping farming’s future.

Precision Poultry

Evolve your poultry production system with optimization and real-time insights!

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Deliver Precision Animal to your Customers built on our Precision Farming Platform.